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Why are some wives hurt more than others when they discover their husbands’ sexual brokenness? What causes some marriages to nosedive after devastating offenses like marital betrayal, while others somehow bounce back? When Meg S. Miller discovered her husband's secret life, she was surprised by the intensity of her misery. Her eye-opening despair prompted her to ask God what it meant.

No one could have prepared her for the answer.

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a personal welcome from meg



I'm glad you're here. Whether someone recommended my story to you, the subtitle of the book spoke to you in-store, or you heard about my message on a podcast, I'm so thankful you took the risk and came here. Welcome.

Pornography ruins families. When I discovered my husband's secret life, something inside me died.

The grief was overwhelming. Other similarly-injured wives seemed to bounce back relatively quickly, but I was destroyed. I couldn't figure it out.

I begged God to show me what was wrong with me. And He did.

Turns out, the size of your hurt can indicate the size of your self-righteousness.

Instantly, my pain lifted. My mind changed. I've never been the same. You're welcome to read all about what I learned, but first, a few warnings:

  • “This book will make some women mad.  But it will save many other marriages.” -Keith Drury, professor emeritus, Indiana Wesleyan University

  • “Meg has penned a book that will mess with you. That’s why I’m cheering her on.” -Dr. Gary Rosberg

  • “...this book may make you mad. It will also make you think.”
    -Gary D. Chapman, PhD

Counselors, family therapists, pastors, philosophy professors, and marriage coaches have agreed that an open, desperately hopeful heart is what separates those who will be liberated by this story – from those who will simply end up more hurt and angry.

I'm praying for your heart as you read this book. And don't worry, when you turn the last page, you're not left alone to figure it all out. A supportive group of women has already been established to help you work through the implications of the claims in my story.

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