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Miller's clever, fun, innocent storytelling relaxes readers just enough to open minds for the unexpected delivery of bomb after truthful bomb. Through her own description of pain, confusion, and desperation, readers safely navigate to the truth: Injured spouses deserve fidelity not because they are innocent parties. No, spouses deserve fidelity only because Someone has already (justly) gone through the suffering of betrayal on their behalf.

Meg S. Miller is a multiple award-winning writer and speaker. She and her husband own and operate an organic farm near Washington, DC.

A note from the author:

Porn sites get more web traffic than Amazon, Netflix, and Twitter combined (source). That's a lot of hurting marriages. From the spouse’s perspective, even “mere online” infidelity can feel like a marital deathblow. Often, counselors and self-help books encourage hurting spouses to “muster up” feelings of forgiveness.

Shifting focus to our own responsibility (and instant forgiveness through the Cross) can change everything.

You see, church-goers have always heard that sin separates us from God. In my case, it was my innocence that kept me hurt, confused, and isolated from my Savior. After all, I wasn't the one who cheated, so why should I have to suffer so much? It took the terrible pain of marital betrayal to question everything I’d always assumed.

Turns out, the injured party in every sad story has a much bigger role to play in Redemption than the prescriptive (often self-righteous) “I forgive you.”