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Having opened what she calls the ultimate “can of worms for good people,” Miller is passionate about clarifying and expounding upon the the concepts brought up in her book, Benefit of the Debt. Below is a list of the topics she presents. To book Meg to speak at your event, please contact two|pr or fill out the contact form on this page. Include as many details as you can about your event, and indicate which topic (below) may resonate with your group most, and why.

  • Why the future of humanity is in the hands of hurting wives.

  • How people – even good people – deserve the pain and suffering they go through, and why that's good news.

  • What the injured spouse of marital betrayal inadvertently does to perpetuate a sex addict’s destructive habits, and the one nugget of information that can break the cycle.

  • For Ministry Leaders Only: What women have never heard from you (or any other leader), and must hear now.


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